Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day Schlump Day...

Weight: 160.4 lbs - yesterday - Wednesday
157.6 today
I have NO clue how I lost almost 3 lbs overnight...maybe I lost muscle?

I am so freaking exhausted right now...
I've been up til like 1 or 2 am the past 4 nights...
The first two I was working on homework and relay for life stuff...last night was a test...the night before I just couldn't sleep...
My procrastination is really getting to me...I've got so much

I started that on like March 18th...Today is April 4th...

I'm at 158.4 lbs today
I joined a weight loss competition at work...the guys are winning though - why are they able to lose weight quicker than us females? I've even been SUPER duper watching what I'm eating.

I'm really excited will be opening soon. They're doing a giveaway. Click on the link to participate. I really can't wait to see what the site is all about.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I know...

I've been so busy lately and keep forgetting to update - baddddd me...
Wearing: Gray capri sweats and a white sports bra
Weight: 158.6

I seriously worked my ass off tonight as far as cardio goes.
I talked to my girl Ludi yesterday - it was my bday so she called me - and we got to discussing and she gave me a much needed push :)
I didn't eat so great today though...I took food up to work - sopapilla cake and cheese dip and so did another lady - mini ham sandwiches and some egg breakfast stuff - all so good and I think I ate too too much...
I've really been working at the gym regardless though - but I took a couple of days off. My legs are sore - which I'm really happy about because now I know I'm actually working myself. I've been doing 100 high kicks, providing nobody's around to watch me... and working my arms and legs on machines, and tonight I did 35 minutes on the treadmill. I know I burned a lot of calories. I really am seeing some differences in my shape. My arms are getting really toned and so is my booty - lovin' it and these are the results I've been needing to see to keep me motivated. I just really wish I was losing more weight...but I really guess I screw myself over with my love of food...ugh...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Kickin' a lil...

Wearing: navy tee, jeans
Weight: 156 - I've been fluctuating all weekend, but mostly stayed around 156

I haven't had a banana since I think Thurs, maybe Wed...?
I have one now I'm about to eat. I continued just eating pretty much one meal each day over the weekend with healthy snacks whenever I was hungry - cereal, cereal bars, pie...that's healthy - right?
I worked out both Saturday and Sunday. Something made me remember how much high kicks really work the body. We always did them in drill team. Whenever we got in trouble for being late, wearing the wrong thing, etc... we got demerits and for each demerit we would have to work them off by the end of the week by doing 100 high kicks for each one. They are HARD! Especially now! I did 2 reps of fast high kicks and 2 reps of slow and couldn't lift my legs anymore...hahahaha but I'm gonna work my ass up to 100 each asap! I'm stretching and getting more limber - I can actually still kick pretty high...and am keeping descent form. I'm jogging a lil over half the time on the treadmill now. I think I'm doing pretty good - gonna get better though :)
I have to do a commercial this summer for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and I'm gonna lose that 10 lbs the camera adds on before it can add it!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Wearing: My CTIW Relay for Life shirt and jeans.
Weight: 156.6 (yay!)

I ate pizza for lunch yesterday and just a snack bar for dinner, the night before I had chicken pot pie and just a couple of snack bars during the day, and the night before I had chicken pot pie too... I haven't been to the gym since I think Saturday. It's been so cold and I had a lot of homework one night. I wonder if I'm losing muscle or if it's I'm eating less. I didn't have a banana yesterday - but had one each of the other days...
My stupid dog woke me up at 5:30am and I am sleepy and I think kind of grumpy...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The scale lies! It lies I tell you!!!

Wearing: moosejaw pants & skin industries tank
Weight: 158.2

Don't you hate it when your scale tricks you? I just felt like weighing myself earlier when I got home - I had my clothes on and it said 150.8 and I was like what? That can't be right, so I picked it up and shook it a little and put it back down and tried again and then it was 150.8 and again - same thing... I was excited something magical must have happened... and then... I went back a few minutes later and ugh... 161.2 DAMMMMMITTTTT stupidfuckingpieceofshitscalegettingmyhopesallupandthenpullingthehappyrugunderneathme:(

Anyways... last night I ate a turkey sandwich on wheat with some baked lays... and water
Today - I had my banana, at half a bowl of tomato soup and a wheat grilled cheese sandwich, some tortilla chips and salsa. Dinner - I had a piece of chicken pot pie. and a donut... I also had 2 special k bars during the day and 2 bottles of water and some sprite.
No gym since Saturday either - I'm slacking - but I've been working my arse off on my closet room - it's looking great! I'm almost done!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Come Mister tally man; tally me bananas.

Wearing: Brown cargo pants and this woot shirt
Weight: 158

Saturday morning I woke up and was 156.4, yesterday I was 157...and I barely ate anything all weekend... Friday nite I didn't eat anything else since I had that fattening pizza for lunch and felt like I shouldn't eat anything else... Saturday, all I had was turkey and mustard on wheat sandwich and a few chips, and a couple of bites of a donut and a half a bottle of wine... same thing yesterday...

BTW...I am banana'ed out... I am so tired of them... I just ate one, but it took me forever... I don't even think they're doing anything, because I didn't have one friday or saturday and I did yesterday and that's when I gained another pound...stupid bananas...

I cleaned half my closet room... I didn't realize how many magazines a person could accumulate without paying attention... I had a TON of magazines... It was horrible... I don't know if I should have recycled them or what - but I just wanted them out of my room, so I threw them in the trash bin...

Went to eat lunch w/ the bf's mom yesterday... She's still on her "diet"... She had all these pills and shake mixes and stuff that's she's bought and I can't help but feel bad for her because she's taking I think she said 9-15 pills 3 times a day (9-15 each of those 3 times)... It's from a company called herbalife. Yet, even with the pills they're telling her - eat this way and get exercise, and it's like - yeah even if you did exercise and ate the way they're telling you to w/out the pills, you're gonna get the same results... I'm glad I finally got off phentermine... She still ate 2 sandwiches... I brought her light mayo, but she went w/ the honey mustard I brought... oh well... I hope something works for her...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wearing: black workout pants, leopard print bra
Weight: 159.4

Ate: personal pan pizza, half and apple juice, 1.5 bottles of water, some carrots, a couple of graham crackers.

I really pushed myself at the gym tonight. I realized tonight that I haven't been sore since I first started working out in May and my goal tonight was to make myself be sore tonight. I don't think I accomplished it. But I did push myself more and try some new things - so that's good - I know :D
I realized that looking up allows me to do more - while lifting and working w/ weights...I think that's awesome...
I'm starving right now...but I am DETERMINED now to shed this weight! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

Wearing: Jeans, black fitted tee - black tank underneath

Soooo... I just realized I am out of bananas! and I had some red soda tonite w/ the sandwich I had tonite from jack in the box.

Ate chicken n rice on wheat for lunch, 2 bite size dark choco w. almonds, 1 bottle of h20, curly fries and grilled chicken sammich, red soda.

I had my first Relay for Life chair meeting tonight to get me adjusted! I am so excited!!!
I have an office there, and I get a key, and I'm in charge and just so excited...
I'm trying to come up with ideas for a theme and tshirts, etc... I am gonna be so busy over the next few months...

I'm getting tempted to get back on phentermine or something to help boost my weightloss, but I'm trying to be strong... I guess thank God I'm broke and can't afford to go see the diet dr. hahahaha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wearing: jeans, black & red tunic shirt, black tank, black yoga shoes
Weight: 160.4
Yesterday: (1/20)
Wearing: wore jeans and a yellow and black tank over a white tee today
Weight: 160.8 (fatass)

Ate yesterday - 2.5 bananas, 3 bottles of water, 2 chicken legs, pinto beans, cherry pie
today: 2 bananas, 4 bottles of water, chicken salad sammich, goldfish, and an almond joy, 3/4 personal pizza, salad

Sorry not keeping up - gotten really busy w/ work, school and stuffs...
Plus I hate it when I don't have anything interesting to blog about...
I just got back from the gym a little while ago - I am sweating my ass off - but I look in the mirror and I swear I am getting stomach looks HUGE...I've never had a huge stomach...
This is how I'm used to my stomach looking:

Now I look like this:

get. in. my. belly. Pictures, Images and Photos


I hit 28 and my metabolism went to shit I guess...ugh...I hate getting old. Tonight the gym was crowded as fuck... and it was all young, skinny chicks...and I can't help but feel jealous and wish I could go back...

Time for bed...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wearing: Gray capri sweats, baby blue bra
Weight: 160.8

I just got back from the gym - did 75 crunches - woo hoo! Ran on the treadmill half the time I was on there! YAY!
Okay, seriously, I know complaining is annoying, but seriously...
I get on the treadmill and what happens...? There are seriously 12 treadmills - 10 open... See my drawering below - the numbers are the order in which people get on the treadmills... I have a magnet...seriously... I must find this magnet... and remove it...


Well - the banana diet went okay today. I ate two bananas - didn't mind them so much - they were good :) I ate 4 tamales, some goldfish, 4 bottles of water, some stouffer's stuffing and 3 fish planks...

Not sure what went on w/ the other people from sazze...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

For a Change...

Wearing: What I have on in the pics below
Weight:159.8 (I ate a lot yesterday...)

"I'm gonna fix something for Eli, for a change" - Bree, Desperate Housewives

My absolute favorite show has to be Desperate Housewives... but, I am sooooo freaking disappointed with the show tonight.
I'm not sure if a writer died or what, but they decided to bring in Beau Bridges as a handyman OUT OF NOWHERE! I've been watching the show since the beginning and have NEVER seen him anywhere - yet...apparently he's had a major impact on each character's life. I'm sorry - but I really hate flashback episodes... even ones that flash back to things that we've never seen occur - and this one was just stupid! It was pointless and disappointing. They had story lines to follow...why wouldn't they just keep up with them? and NOW I have to wait 3 friggin' weeks for another new episode... UGHHHHH!
The quote above just proves the lameness of tonight's episode... there was one part that made me laugh - Eli was supposedly the way Gabby became friends with the other ladies - and during her flashback - she's telling the ladies how she hates Wisteria Lane and says "I could just shoot myself in the head" and hits Mary Alice on the arm and says "know what I mean?" haha (in case u don't know the background - Mary Alice shot herself in the head when the show initially started...)

But anyfways...

Obama's getting inaugurated on Tuesday - woo. hoo.
I don't have any problems with him. All the hoopla just makes me a bit uneasy. I'm scared for him - I feel like he's gonna have to fight off a lot of assassination attempts. I just hope he was the right pick to turn things around. Only time will tell I guess...

I start my new diet tomorrow - I'm trying the banana diet - got my bananas! Woo hoo!!!
My bf's mom says she lost 7 lbs on her fried chicken salad shake diet... maybe I should try that one... (bahahahahahaha)

I did an awesome job at the gym today - I'm jogging on the treadmill a lot more - jogging a minute or two, then walking, etc... I think I burned a lot of calories! yay!
You know what I think is funny... I do these leg machines where you sit and push the weights with your inner or outer thighs. I can push more with my outer thighs (70lbs) than my inner (50 lbs)... soooo... I guess that means I am stronger at opening my legs than closing them... nice - huh?

Sazze Biggest Loser Pics

Photobucket Album

Friday, January 16, 2009

Grab a Morning Banana

Wearing: jeans, Relay for Life Team Captain tee and nikes
Weight: 159 lbs

This morning I had half a donut and a sausage kolache for breakfast. I'm excusing it because the girls on sazze have decided to start a new diet on Monday. It's turning into a biggest loser contest - we're hoping - with maybe a prize for the biggest loser?

Morning Banana Diet

I dont really like bananas but I'm going to at least try this for the first week and see how that goes. If I really can't deal with them - the rules say I can switch for another fruit.

If you want to participate with us in the contest - come visit sazze and sign up on this chat

Thursday, January 15, 2009

♪♫ Oh Happy Day ♪♫

Wearing: jeans, nikes, blue old navy henley tee, black tank
Weight: 158.6 (I guess I'm losing muscle :P )

Dunno why but today feels like a good day. Everyday's a good day if you wake up - right? But, today...just feels better...

I think I should start getting up earlier and maybe do yoga or something - stretch out this body. That always makes me feel good. By the way, if you're like me and sometimes just need to stretch out your toes - try these: toe stretchers These things aer aweeeesome! They make my feet feel so good - I am soooo glad I didn't spend $40 on the stupid yoga toes!
I loooove to sleep in. I usually get up around 7:30am and get to work by aroun 8am. On Saturdays I can sleep til 1pm, I usually try and get up around 10am though. This weekend I am dreading having to get up between 5 and 6 am!!! Ugh!!!

By the way, you've probably seen all my links to sazze - sazze's a really cool little website. It's a site where the members review products, there's also a chat area where you can ask questions and they normally get answered immediately - the questions can be - "what type of batteries does this vibrator use?" to "what should I wear today?" They usually give away free stuff weekly to review too. I've won movie tickets, gift cards, a tshirt, chocolate, the new Batman movie, and hopefully a juicer this week. In order to win stuff you have to be really active on the site though. But, it's not that hard - just do a few reviews a day - participate in the chats, do some polls, etc... The community is really badass there - really cool people.

Today I ate 1 fiber one bar, half bottle of water, tahitian treat punch, and a chicken and rice burrito.

I fully intend on going to the gym tonight - no excuses!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lovely Lady Hump Day

Wearing: Black sweat pants, black tank - during the day wore jeans, white tunic, nike's
Weight: 158.8 lbs (ooooh down .2 lb!! hahahaha)

Sitting at home, didn't go to the gym - the bf is mad at me for some stupid reason (as usual) and decided to go to the gym without me before I got off of work. I knocked out a lot of reviews on sazze though, and have been shopping for school books.

Today I had a lean pocket, a pack of goldfish, and 2 granola bars thru the day, for dinner I had a burger, some cheetos and carrots.

I'm feeling a little bloated right now from the burger.

I haven't done anything creative yet this week!

I'm heading to Austin Saturday for an American Cancer Society conference dealio - dunno when I'll be able to get anything done. I have to get up so early for it!! Ugh... I have to be in Austin at like 8:30am - so I have to leave here at at like 6:30am - watch me sleep in...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fat Jeans on an Island in the Sun

Wearing: black sweat pants, grey tank top
Weight: still 159 lbs
Ate: 1/3 a chicken fried steak, half a baked tater, side salad, and a couple of bites of broccoli and rice cassarole, a corn bread roll - water.

Skipping the gym again... I think the bf's just tired - he's been getting up early for his second job and I really don't like going to the gym alone...

I'm a size 13 maybe 15. This is HUGE to me. Dresses - I can wear an 8.
I'm really bottom heavy - and top heavy in the boob area - which to some people may not be that bad... and I sometimes think it's not - when I realize - I gain weight is okay places...but I think I've got more than I need at this point. jeans had a huge hole in the thigh, where I guess my thighs have rubbed together too much and wore the hole. The hole got bigger as the day wore on... I've got this stupid hole on almost every pair of my jeans, even my trusted "fat jeans"... This is getting ridiculous. I also only buy like 1-2 pairs of jeans a year - it's been a while since I bought a pair - but I can't afford new jeans!! and I don't want to buy any until I'm smaller. I wear jeans every day, pretty much, to work though...
I also wish there was a way to weigh each of my boobs...I know they have to weigh a lot...they hurt my neck and back every friggin' day!

Check this out!!! If I wasn't afraid of Australia and all their weird wildlife I would totally do this!!! I may enter anyways - just to see. I know I'm gonna push my sister to enter.

When you're on a golden sea
You don't need no memory
Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone

On an island in the sun
We'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can't control my brain

We'll run away together
We'll spend some time forever
We'll never feel bad anymore

Tuesday 1/13/09 Still Gaining Muscle... I ♥ Sugar

Wearing: jeans, grey and white striped tank w/ a white sweater over it
Weight: 159

We didn't go to the gym last night. I had a couple of bites of peach pie instead.
Yeah...I'm working real hard - huh? I'll go tonight! and I'm gonna work harder! Just you wait and see!!!
We had gone pretty much everyday for a full week - I believe. I don't think we missed a single day.
I still haven't lost weight "I must be gaining muscle..."

I just ate a pepperoni "Lean Pocket"
They're low in calories. Only 280 calories each and 7 grams of fat - they don't taste all that bad either...
I had one of the fiber one bars for breakfast:
and have been drinking unsweet tea today. Unsweet tea sucks! I ♥ Sugar!

I keep seeing that a 1200 calorie diet is what I should be on to lose weight...
I dunno how many calories I'm supposed to magically figure out things are if they're not coming a package marked with the nutritional information...
So, I have no clue how much I normally eat. I just assume that because I don't know...I am keeping it under 1200 cal... :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

About to head to the gym...

Today I ate - 2 pieces of coffee cake, 2 special K bars, 2 bottles of water, 2 fried chicken legs, and some green beans
and I'm about to go to the gym to work it all off - hopefully!!!

I started a chat about this on sazze:
I just really can't stand people invading my personal space. I really wish people knew the rules, if there are two treadmills next to me, please go to the treadmill farther away so we have a treadmill buffer. It's just common courtesy to me. I'm really hoping I don't have to deal with this tonight. I go late to avoid the crowds, so I can get to the machines easily when I want and use the dance room privately. Lately, with the New Year Resolution crowd starting, that has not been the case. I know and really hope this crowd will die down soon.

I've been going to the gym since May of 2008 and I have not lost any weight. I'm guessing I need to step things up. I started jogging last night! Yayyyy!!! I wear my little sweat wrap around my belly, even though I really don't have much fat there - I need an ass and thigh wrap.
I also need to eat less I guess...but I looooove food...and I love all the stuff that people say eat less of - bread, potatoes, cheese, sugar...

Oh well...I'm going to do it!!! YEAHHHHHH!

Monday - 1/11/09

Wearing: Some brown cargo pants that used to fall off me not too long ago...
this shirt:
and these shoes:
Weight: 159lbs (seriously??? I gained 2 lbs by eating less and working out everyday this past week???)

I'm going crazy... I'm tired of people telling me "well, maybe you're gaining muscle" ugh... I know I've told people that plenty of times too... it's just a nice way of saying - okay, shuttup already about your damn weight...
The bf told me last night to either do something about my weight if I'm unhappy, or just to learn to accept myself the way I am and be happy. He told my I look good to him and that's all that matters (sweet - huh?)
We went to eat lunch w/ his mom yesterday - we usually go every other Sunday and have lunch w/ her - she asked us to bring salad because she's on a diet (I thought it was kind of rude of her to just come out and ask us what to bring since we're buying and she doesn't offer to buy lunch - it's always us buying - but the bf believes otherwise...oh well).
So, we get to her house and she's got a huge fried chicken leg in her hand and is "snacking" before we get there. We sit down and talk and she tells us about this new diet she's trying. Something about some shakes - she showed me the shake recipes and I guess they're non-fattening since the have soymilk in them??? But, the point is...apparently she believes she's on a diet if she eats diet food...along with the food she's been eating. She told us that they told her to put the dressing on the side and dip her fork into it and then grab salad with the fork. I told her that's what I do - it's a weight watcher trick I've heard. Well, she tries this, for all about 5 minutes. I brought light dressing just for her - but she grabs the regular dressing and puts tons of toppings on her salad and gets frustrated after 5 minutes and decides to pour the dressing onto her salad and also eats some more fried chicken.
I want to help her out and tell her she's not really doing anything...but I don't want to offend her. I'm not really good with wording things right and am extremely blunt...
The bf says she's been on "a diet" his whole life saying "I'm gonna get down to my size again" He says he still doesn't know what her size is.

But, anyways, I shouldn't say anything because I'm not perfect in the food department either. I eat lots of sweets... I had 2 pieces of coffee cake this morning, and I put toooons of sugar in my coffee...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

1/10/2009 3pm


I'm about to turn 29 a month from today, this is the last year of my 20's and I hope to make it the most of it!
Almost everyone makes the same old resolutions every year - lose weight, get more organized, blah blah, etc... but do we keep them? I guarantee the answer for the majority of people is "No..."
I figured one way to keep up with my resolutions this year is to put them out there in the open and track my progress thru a blog...and set up small goals, that I feel that we can keep, to get myself started

My two main resolutions are:

1. Lose 30 lbs by May

"Because I want to look better and feel better."
And plus in May I think my family is going to Vegas... and I want to look better than I did last year...

a. Going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. - doing mucho cardio, some weight training, want to start running on the treadmill (heheh riiight), and possibly get into a dance class...
b. eating less and more healthy - trying to curb my sweet eating, eat more veggies, fish, and unbreaded chicken...

2. Do at least one thing creative a week.
I've really slacked on working on my artwork. I've got sooo much to work with - canvases, paint, t-shirts, purses, jewelry and I have done NOTHING...
I've got an etsy account and I wanna actually sell some stuff on it...

3. Organize my closet room - turn it into a room good for relaxing, working on projects, etc... like an office. This room is a mess... really...

Wearing: Sweat pants, ACS T-shirt, Nike shox
Weight: 158
Gym: Went at 1pm today - treadmill at 3.6 mph for 20 min, worked on leg machine, did 50 crunches, leg machines, some arm weights - got home around 2pm
Ate: 2 fish planks, and 1 bottle of water so far...

pics of me fat