Sunday, January 18, 2009

For a Change...

Wearing: What I have on in the pics below
Weight:159.8 (I ate a lot yesterday...)

"I'm gonna fix something for Eli, for a change" - Bree, Desperate Housewives

My absolute favorite show has to be Desperate Housewives... but, I am sooooo freaking disappointed with the show tonight.
I'm not sure if a writer died or what, but they decided to bring in Beau Bridges as a handyman OUT OF NOWHERE! I've been watching the show since the beginning and have NEVER seen him anywhere - yet...apparently he's had a major impact on each character's life. I'm sorry - but I really hate flashback episodes... even ones that flash back to things that we've never seen occur - and this one was just stupid! It was pointless and disappointing. They had story lines to follow...why wouldn't they just keep up with them? and NOW I have to wait 3 friggin' weeks for another new episode... UGHHHHH!
The quote above just proves the lameness of tonight's episode... there was one part that made me laugh - Eli was supposedly the way Gabby became friends with the other ladies - and during her flashback - she's telling the ladies how she hates Wisteria Lane and says "I could just shoot myself in the head" and hits Mary Alice on the arm and says "know what I mean?" haha (in case u don't know the background - Mary Alice shot herself in the head when the show initially started...)

But anyfways...

Obama's getting inaugurated on Tuesday - woo. hoo.
I don't have any problems with him. All the hoopla just makes me a bit uneasy. I'm scared for him - I feel like he's gonna have to fight off a lot of assassination attempts. I just hope he was the right pick to turn things around. Only time will tell I guess...

I start my new diet tomorrow - I'm trying the banana diet - got my bananas! Woo hoo!!!
My bf's mom says she lost 7 lbs on her fried chicken salad shake diet... maybe I should try that one... (bahahahahahaha)

I did an awesome job at the gym today - I'm jogging on the treadmill a lot more - jogging a minute or two, then walking, etc... I think I burned a lot of calories! yay!
You know what I think is funny... I do these leg machines where you sit and push the weights with your inner or outer thighs. I can push more with my outer thighs (70lbs) than my inner (50 lbs)... soooo... I guess that means I am stronger at opening my legs than closing them... nice - huh?

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