Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The scale lies! It lies I tell you!!!

Wearing: moosejaw pants & skin industries tank
Weight: 158.2

Don't you hate it when your scale tricks you? I just felt like weighing myself earlier when I got home - I had my clothes on and it said 150.8 and I was like what? That can't be right, so I picked it up and shook it a little and put it back down and tried again and then it was 150.8 and again - same thing... I was excited something magical must have happened... and then... I went back a few minutes later and ugh... 161.2 DAMMMMMITTTTT stupidfuckingpieceofshitscalegettingmyhopesallupandthenpullingthehappyrugunderneathme:(

Anyways... last night I ate a turkey sandwich on wheat with some baked lays... and water
Today - I had my banana, at half a bowl of tomato soup and a wheat grilled cheese sandwich, some tortilla chips and salsa. Dinner - I had a piece of chicken pot pie. and a donut... I also had 2 special k bars during the day and 2 bottles of water and some sprite.
No gym since Saturday either - I'm slacking - but I've been working my arse off on my closet room - it's looking great! I'm almost done!

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