Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lovely Lady Hump Day

Wearing: Black sweat pants, black tank - during the day wore jeans, white tunic, nike's
Weight: 158.8 lbs (ooooh down .2 lb!! hahahaha)

Sitting at home, didn't go to the gym - the bf is mad at me for some stupid reason (as usual) and decided to go to the gym without me before I got off of work. I knocked out a lot of reviews on sazze though, and have been shopping for school books.

Today I had a lean pocket, a pack of goldfish, and 2 granola bars thru the day, for dinner I had a burger, some cheetos and carrots.

I'm feeling a little bloated right now from the burger.

I haven't done anything creative yet this week!

I'm heading to Austin Saturday for an American Cancer Society conference dealio - dunno when I'll be able to get anything done. I have to get up so early for it!! Ugh... I have to be in Austin at like 8:30am - so I have to leave here at at like 6:30am - watch me sleep in...

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