Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday - 1/11/09

Wearing: Some brown cargo pants that used to fall off me not too long ago...
this shirt:
and these shoes:
Weight: 159lbs (seriously??? I gained 2 lbs by eating less and working out everyday this past week???)

I'm going crazy... I'm tired of people telling me "well, maybe you're gaining muscle" ugh... I know I've told people that plenty of times too... it's just a nice way of saying - okay, shuttup already about your damn weight...
The bf told me last night to either do something about my weight if I'm unhappy, or just to learn to accept myself the way I am and be happy. He told my I look good to him and that's all that matters (sweet - huh?)
We went to eat lunch w/ his mom yesterday - we usually go every other Sunday and have lunch w/ her - she asked us to bring salad because she's on a diet (I thought it was kind of rude of her to just come out and ask us what to bring since we're buying and she doesn't offer to buy lunch - it's always us buying - but the bf believes otherwise...oh well).
So, we get to her house and she's got a huge fried chicken leg in her hand and is "snacking" before we get there. We sit down and talk and she tells us about this new diet she's trying. Something about some shakes - she showed me the shake recipes and I guess they're non-fattening since the have soymilk in them??? But, the point is...apparently she believes she's on a diet if she eats diet food...along with the food she's been eating. She told us that they told her to put the dressing on the side and dip her fork into it and then grab salad with the fork. I told her that's what I do - it's a weight watcher trick I've heard. Well, she tries this, for all about 5 minutes. I brought light dressing just for her - but she grabs the regular dressing and puts tons of toppings on her salad and gets frustrated after 5 minutes and decides to pour the dressing onto her salad and also eats some more fried chicken.
I want to help her out and tell her she's not really doing anything...but I don't want to offend her. I'm not really good with wording things right and am extremely blunt...
The bf says she's been on "a diet" his whole life saying "I'm gonna get down to my size again" He says he still doesn't know what her size is.

But, anyways, I shouldn't say anything because I'm not perfect in the food department either. I eat lots of sweets... I had 2 pieces of coffee cake this morning, and I put toooons of sugar in my coffee...

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Nikki said...

I think its awesome that your boyfriend say's you look good to him. The problem is you have to feel good about yourself.

You probably are sick of people trying to help, but I must say, the South Beach Diet really did work. It's just tough staying on it. You can lose tons of weight the first two weeks!

I'm with you TITI. I asked my brother he said that you could be retaining water, or maybe you were eating more carbohydrates or saturated fats.

He also said it is physically impossible to gain weight if you're burning more calories than you take in. I hope this helps!