Monday, January 12, 2009

About to head to the gym...

Today I ate - 2 pieces of coffee cake, 2 special K bars, 2 bottles of water, 2 fried chicken legs, and some green beans
and I'm about to go to the gym to work it all off - hopefully!!!

I started a chat about this on sazze:
I just really can't stand people invading my personal space. I really wish people knew the rules, if there are two treadmills next to me, please go to the treadmill farther away so we have a treadmill buffer. It's just common courtesy to me. I'm really hoping I don't have to deal with this tonight. I go late to avoid the crowds, so I can get to the machines easily when I want and use the dance room privately. Lately, with the New Year Resolution crowd starting, that has not been the case. I know and really hope this crowd will die down soon.

I've been going to the gym since May of 2008 and I have not lost any weight. I'm guessing I need to step things up. I started jogging last night! Yayyyy!!! I wear my little sweat wrap around my belly, even though I really don't have much fat there - I need an ass and thigh wrap.
I also need to eat less I guess...but I looooove food...and I love all the stuff that people say eat less of - bread, potatoes, cheese, sugar...

Oh well...I'm going to do it!!! YEAHHHHHH!

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