Monday, February 02, 2009

Kickin' a lil...

Wearing: navy tee, jeans
Weight: 156 - I've been fluctuating all weekend, but mostly stayed around 156

I haven't had a banana since I think Thurs, maybe Wed...?
I have one now I'm about to eat. I continued just eating pretty much one meal each day over the weekend with healthy snacks whenever I was hungry - cereal, cereal bars, pie...that's healthy - right?
I worked out both Saturday and Sunday. Something made me remember how much high kicks really work the body. We always did them in drill team. Whenever we got in trouble for being late, wearing the wrong thing, etc... we got demerits and for each demerit we would have to work them off by the end of the week by doing 100 high kicks for each one. They are HARD! Especially now! I did 2 reps of fast high kicks and 2 reps of slow and couldn't lift my legs anymore...hahahaha but I'm gonna work my ass up to 100 each asap! I'm stretching and getting more limber - I can actually still kick pretty high...and am keeping descent form. I'm jogging a lil over half the time on the treadmill now. I think I'm doing pretty good - gonna get better though :)
I have to do a commercial this summer for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and I'm gonna lose that 10 lbs the camera adds on before it can add it!!!

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